A. STAUB & Cie’s history

Our company was founded in 1858 by Mr. Auguste Staub, a Swiss from the county of Bern. Regularly on the road, he built up his business internationally, establishing steady-and long-lasting relationships with various countries, such as Germany, Switzerland and Belgium.

However, in 1876, the terrible outbreak of phylloxera swept through the vineyards, causing considerable damage. The harvests were wiped out and the stocks dangerously depleted.
Fortunately, thanks to substantial reserves, Société Staub was less stricken by the shortage than others. Also, to create more stocks, it astutely spread its supplies over into vineyards that were less affected by the disease, setting its stills up there.
These vineyards, located to the north-west and south of what is currently referred to as the Cognac region, were producing quality white wines that lent themselves well to distillation. In this way, by stepping slightly outside the ‘Cognac cradle’, Staub became a kind of forerunner, developing fine liquors using the tried-and-tested ancestral techniques employed in the Cognac region.

Notre distillerie Veillissement en fut Nos chais

Thanks to the quality of the company’s products and the energy of its promoter, Staub made a true name for itself, becoming a reference all over Europe. It even went on to win a gold medal at the Universal Exhibition held in Paris in 1889.

During the last century, the company continued growing by marketing its Cognacs and liquors on all continents, concentrating particularly on Switzerland, Italy, Austria, Norway, Ireland, Denmark, Hong Kong, the Caribbean, West Africa and Russia.

Today, Maison A. STAUB & CIE is one of the main developers and exporters of Brandies, and is still very active in the Cognac trade.
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